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Original sound with Russian subtitles


Skhodnenskaya St, 56, Kaleydoskop SC

coming soon

Cinema Park Kaluzhskiy

Profsouznaya St, 61a, Kaluzhskiy SC

coming soon

Cinema Park Metropolis

Leningradskoe Hwy, 16A, building 4, Metropolis SEC

coming soon

Cinema Star at Leninskiy

Leninskiy Ave, 109, Rio Mall

coming soon

Cinema Star Avenue South West

Vernadskogo Ave, 86A, Avenue South West Mall

coming soon

Cinema Star Kvartal

Aminyevskoye Hwy, 6

coming soon

Formula Kino CDM

Teatralniy proezd, 5/1

coming soon

Formula Kino Europa

Kievsky Station Sq, 2, Europeiskiy SEC

coming soon

Formula Kino na Kutuzovskom

Kutuzovskiy Ave, 57, Oceania SC

coming soon

Formula Kino na Polezhaevskoy

Khoroshevskoye Hwy, 27

coming soon

Formula Kino on Michurinskiy

Michurinskiy prospekt, 3/1, Festival SEC

coming soon

GUM Cinema Hall

Red Square, 3


KARO 10 Schuka

Schukinskaya St, 42, Schuka SC

coming soon

KARO 11 Oktyabr

Noviy Arbat, 24

coming soon

KARO 13 Kuntsevo

MKAD 56th Kilometer

coming soon

KARO 3 Altufyevo

Altufyevskoe Hwy, 70/1, Marcos Mall

coming soon

KARO 4 Angara

Chongarskiy Blvd, 7

coming soon

KARO 4 Sheremetyevskaya

Sheremetyevskaya, 20, Capitoliy Maryina Roscha Mall

coming soon

KARO 6 Sevastopolskiy

Sevastopolskiy Ave, 11E, Kapitoliy Sevastopolskiy Mall

coming soon

KARO 7 Atrium

Zemlyanoy Val St, 33, Atrium Mall

coming soon

KARO 8 Kapitoliy Vernadskogo

Vernadskogo Ave, 6, Kapitoliy Vernadskogo Mall

coming soon

KARO 8 Salaris

23 km Kievskoe Hwy, 1

coming soon

KARO 8 Tyopliy stan

Novoyasenevskiy Ave, 1, Spektr Mall

coming soon

KARO 8 Yuzhnoe Butovo

Venevskaya St, 6, Vitte Mall

coming soon

KARO 9 Vegas Kashirsky

MKAD 24th km

coming soon

KARO Sky 17 Aviapark

Khodynskiy Boulevard, 4, Aviapark Mall

coming soon

KARO Vegas 22

MKAD 66th kilometer, Vegas Crocus City Mall

coming soon

Kinomaks Solaris

Moskva, Pererva, 43/1, Boom Mall

coming soon

Kinomax Mozaika

7th Kozhukhovskaya St, 9, Mozaika SEC

coming soon

Kinomax Prazhskaya

Kirovogradskaya St, 13A, Columbus SEC


Kinomax Titan

Kashirskoye Hwy, 61G, Kashirskaya Plaza Mall

coming soon

Kinomax Vodniy

Golovinskoye Shosse, 5, Vodniy SEC

coming soon

Kinomax XL Moscow

Dmitrovskoe Hwy, 89, XL Mall

coming soon

Kinomax Zhulebino

Generala Kuznetsova St, 22, Milya SC

coming soon

KINO OKKO Afimoll City

Presnenskaya Embankment, 2

coming soon


Pravoberezhnaya St, 1B, Kapitoliy Leningradskiy Mall

coming soon

Kinostar De Luxe at MEGA Teply Stan

Kaluzhskoe Hwy, 1, MEGA Mall, MKAD 41 km

coming soon

Kinostar De Luxe Mega Khimki

MO, Khimki, 8th microdistrict, 2, MEGA Khimki Mall

coming soon

Kinostar New York Belaya Dacha Mall

MO, Lyuberetskiy Region, Kotelniki, 1st Pokrovsiy Proezd 1, Mega Belaya Dacha SEC

coming soon

Kronverk Cinema Lefortovo

Entuziastov Hwy, 12/2, Gorod SEC

coming soon

Kronverk Cinema Semonovski

Semenovskaya Sq, 1, Semenovskiy SEC

coming soon

Mirage Cinema Evropolis

Mira Ave, 211/2

coming soon

Mori Cinema Kuntsevo

Yartsevskaya St, 19, Kuntsevo Plaza SEC

coming soon

Silver Cinema Kosino Park

Svyatoozerskaya St, 1A, Kosino Park Mall

coming soon
BTS WORLD TOUR 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' is now over. The worldwide stadium tour topped the Billboard Boxscore, and marked BTS as the first Korean group to perform at Wembley Stadium. The tour took place across Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, São Paulo, London, Paris, Osaka, Shizuoka, Riyadh, and Seoul.

With unprecedented access, BREAK THE SILENCE: THE MOVIE travels with BTS throughout the tour, exploring each band member behind the curtain. Off stage, we see another side of BTS. The seven members begin to candidly tell personal stories they have never voiced before.

Facing my other self ‘PERSONA’


Director: Jun-Soo Park
2020, South Korea, 90 min.


Официальная социальная сеть фильма