XXI New British Film Festival

24 December – 10 January


Romantic comedy about love and cinema
Language: English, Russian subtitles

Can We Live with Robots?

Можем ли мы жить с роботами?
What will be the dance of the future and will robots replace humans? Choreographer Akram Khan is looking for an answer
Language: English, Russian subtitles

Extreme Combat: The Dancer and the Fighter

Танцор и боец
The film documents Akram Khan in the world of mixed martial arts
Language: English, Russian Subtitles

Making Noise Quietly

Тихий шум
Triptych about people touched by war - a confident film debut by the theatre master
Language: English, Russian subtitles

Pond Life

Лето на озере
Idyllic ballad about youth
Language: English, Russian subtitles

Swimming with Men

Плывём, мужики
The surest way to get rid of depression
Language: English, Russian Subtitles

The Man Who Stole Banksy

Кто украл Banksy
It is 2007. Banksy and his team enter Palestine to paint on the West Bank walls. But something went wrong...
Language: English, with Russian and Ukranian subs

The World According to Anish Kapoor

Мир Аниша Капура
Art on the verge of magic: one of the most influential sculptors of our time invites you to the sancta sanctorum: his workshops
Language: English, German, French, Russian subtitles

The World According to Radiohead

Мир глазами Radiohead
An ardent dedication to musicians ahead of their time
Language: English, French, German, Russian subtitles


What does not kill me, makes me stronger
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Adult Life Skills

Навыки взрослой жизни
Anna is stuck: she's approaching 30, living like a hermit in her mum's garden shed and wondering why the suffragettes ever bothered
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January


Millennial version of the romcom heroine: a controversial, home intellectual girl in search of the meaning of life
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

For Sama

Для Самы
Both an intimate and epic journey into the female experience of war
Language: Arabic, English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

He Dreams of Giants

Мечты о великанах
How Terry Gilliam has done the impossible and realized his year-old dream
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Just Jim

Просто Джим
Lynch-like black comedy about a Welsh teenager
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Make Up

Ghostly goings-on and sexual intrigue at an out-of-season caravan park in a stylish psychological drama
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

McKellen: Playing the Part

Маккеллен: Играя роль
Feature documentary on the life and work of Sir Ian McKellen
Language: English, Russian Subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Perfect 10

Идеальная десятка
Joys, sorrows and discoveries of adolescence
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Pink Wall

Розовая стена
Love story in six chapters: one per year of relationship
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Ray and Liz

Рэй и Лиз
Delicate and grotesque retro about a real family of geeks
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Rose: A Love Story

Part horror, part love story: a couple is desperately trying to stay alive, when perhaps the greatest threat to their survival is each other.
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

The Fall

Mini horror with the hope of a happy ending; six unforgettable minutes by Jonathan Glazer
Language: no dialogue
24 December – 10 January

The Reason I Jump

Почему я прыгаю
Trying to build a bridge between people with autism and the outside world
Language: English, Russian subtitles
24 December – 10 January

Wild Honey Pie!

Бунтарка без причины
Comedy romance with the star of the TV series "Girls"
Language: English, Russian subtitles

XXI New British Film Festival

The event is held within UK-Russia Creative Bridge Programme 2020-21 organised by the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow with the support of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

One of the most beloved foreign national festivals in Russia debuts online. Watch at home premieres and selected films from past British film festivals, from December 24 to January 10.

A special section of the festival is films made by Dominic Dromgoole, a prominent theatre director, whose stage works are well known to the audience of the TheaterHD project: in the lyrical pastoral film POND LIFE, the romantic comedy BENJAMIN, the hard drama UNDERCLIFFE Dominic is the producer, and MAKING NOISE QUIET is his debut as a director.

British fiction has always impressed with the authenticity of characters and relationships. The program of the festival includes beautiful romantic dramas of growing up PERFECT 10 and MAKE UP, an epic love film PINK WALL, a dramedy WILD HONEY PIE! and a life-affirming movie SWIMMING WITH MEN.

The dark, surreal, gothic side of the cinematography of the country famous for its absurdity and punk is presented at the festival by Jonathan Glazer's brilliant short film THE FALL. A poignant social statement - and at the same time a poignant family saga - is a documentary FOR SAMA, one of the main achievements of non-fiction films in a decade.

An important part of the festival program is lively documentaries about art: a candid portrait of Sir Ian McKellen MCKELLEN: PLAYING THE PART; THE WORL ACCORDING TO RADIOHEAD, dedicated to the great innovator musicians; THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ANISH KAPOOR, which allows look into the workshops of an incredible artist. HE DREAMS OF GIANTS is an action-packed chronicle of how Terry Gilliam finally completed his long-suffering gigantic project about a new Don Quixote. THE MAN WHO STOLE BANKSY is a chronicle of the adventures of the most mysterious artist of our day.

Outstanding choreographer Akram Khan became the hero of two festival films at once: in THE DANCER AND THE FIGHTER he explores the connection between dance and martial arts, in a futuristic sketch CAN WE LIVE WITH ROBOTS? he establishes contact with artificial intelligence.

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