Saint Petersburg

Willkommen bei den Hartmanns (2016)

comedy, drama

A well-off Munich family offers boarding to a refugee.

Under sandet (2015)

drama, war

La supplication (2016)


This film does not deal with Chernobyl, but rather with the world of Chernobyl, about which we know very little.

Osloboduvanje na Skopje (2016)


Skopje 1941, the city occupied by Germans and their Bulgarian allies. Zoran, a boy of 11, witnesses the horrors of war.

Igla ispod praga (2016)

comedy, drama

Father Peter is afraid that universe is indifferent. God no longer intervenes.

Den allvarsamma leken (2016)


Once Lydia was the innocent girl - a daughter of a painter - that young journalist Arvid fell in love with out in the archipelago. Or did he?

Under the Shadow (2016)

drama, horror

As a mother and daughter struggle to cope with the terrors of the post-revolution, war-torn Tehran of the 1980s, a mysterious evil begins to haunt their home.

Þrestir (2015)


A coming-of-age story about the 16-year old boy Ari, who has been living with his mother in Reykjavik and is suddenly sent back to the remote Westfjords to live with his father Gunnar.

Cartas da Guerra (2016)


Based on António Lobo Antunes's novel, a collection of letters written by a young soldier, doctor and a aspirant writer, to his wife while he was serving in Angola between 1971 and 1973, during the Portuguese Colonial War.

West Wind 2017