Ингвар Сигурдссон


Ingvar Sigurdsson graduated from The Icelandic Academy of the Arts year1990 and has since then set his mark on the Icelandic acting scene. He has an extensive experience in theatre and has played various roles by Shakespeare, Tsjekov, Ibsen and numerous roles in contemporary plays both at The National Theatre and City Theatre of Reykjavik He has appeared in numerous film and TV productions in Iceland and abroad (for example as Grendel in Beowulf and Grendel, Victor Gorilov in K19 - The Widowmaker, Paul in  Angels of the Universe, Erlendur in Jar City, The father in Sparrows and Anatoli Boukreev in Everest

Ingvar has received many prices and recognition for his acting both on stage and on the screen. He’s received seven Edda awards for the best actor (Icelandic film prize). He got The European Film Award for Best European Actor - People's Choice in the year 2000. He represented Iceland at European Shooting Star event 1999 at the Berlin film Festival.

Ingvar is one of the initiators of the internationally acclaimed Theater and Film Company Vesturport. Since foundation in 2001, Vesturport has performed in most major theatre venues around the World and has produced 5 feature films (Childeren, Parents, Brim, Country Wedding (co-producer) and Kings Road (co-producer).