Hikkoshi daimyô! (2019)

comedy, history

Masukaredo hoteru (2019)

crime, mystery

Dansu wizu mî (2019)

adventure, comedy, musical

Za Faburu (2019)

action, comedy

53rd Japanese Film Festival

Within bilateral collaboration, in association with the Embassy of Japan in Moscow.

You can be sure in two things: the sunrise and the diversity of the Japanese cinema festival, a wonderful and constant component of the Russian cinematic landscape. In the new program, films for the whole family coexist with extreme genre patterns.
There is high art class, magic, adrenaline and inexpressible cinema charm in every picture, whether it's fantastic comedy “Dance with Me”or thriller “12 Suicidal Teens”. If you don’t have time to see everything, choose according to your mood: if you like secrets and thrills - the criminal comedy “Fable” and the detective “Masquerade Hotel”.  If you prefer comedies, choose “SamuraiShifters” or “A Banana? At This Time of Night?”  if you like touching stories of friendship and love.

Tickets: 250 RUB. Special rate tickets for students and pensioners:150 RUB (ask in the cinema box office).
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  • Japan Foundation
  • Consulate-General of Japan in Vladivostok
  • CoolConnections

 All films are shown in the original language with Russian subtitles.