Konna Yofuke Ni Banana Kayo: Itoshiki Jitsuwa

Year: 2018
Country: Japan
Director: Maeda Tetsu
Cast: Yo Oizumi, Mitsuki Takahata, Haruma Miura, Masato Hagiwara
Genre: comedy, drama
Runtime: 120 min.
Age: 16+
Thirty-four-year-old Shikano Yasuaki (Oizumi Yo) can only move his neck and hands because of muscular dystrophy. He uses a wheelchair to get around. But he ditches the hospital in search of freedom and mobilizes volunteers so he can live exactly as he pleases. One day, a new volunteer named Misaki (Takahata Mitsuki) flips out at the self-indulgent Shikano. And Shikano's response is to falls head over heels in love with her, but she has a boyfriend, medical student volunteer Tanaka (Miura Haruma).

Film adaptation of author Watanabe Kazufumi's non-fiction masterpiece.