Enoshima purizumu (2013)

comedy, sci-fi

Shuta, Saku and Michiru have been best friends since they were kids.

Kyô, koi o hajimemasu (2012)


Tsubaki Hibino is a shy young teenage girl. One day, popular male student Kyota Tsubaki targets Tsubaki for teasing.

Kagi-dorobô no mesoddo (2012)

comedy, drama, romance

A failed actor switches identities with a stranger at a bath house -- only to find himself filling the shoes of an elite assassin.

Dakishimetai: Shinjitsu no monogatari (2014)


Tsukasa got into a severe car accident when she was a high school student.

Wonderful World End (2015)


Seventeen-year-old Shiori's Gothic Lolita garb attracts a lot of fans to her interactive video blog. One day she meets Ayumi, a 13-year old who is in awe of her and her wardrobe.

Ieji (2014)


Jiro has come home. His tiny farming village is now deserted because it lies in the badly contaminated Fukushima zone.

Tamako rabu sutôrî (2014)


Tamako's life changes when her best childhood friend, Mochizou suddenly confessed his love.

Ryûkyû Battle Royale (2013)

comedy, action

In pursuit of his love of extreme dance, Ken wanders the globe and makes his to Okinawa, Japan. There, Ken meets Iwao Shinjo who is a master of the Ryukyu Classical Dance.

Sakura Shorts


A short animated films program

50th Japanese Film Festival