Yoake tsugeru Rû no uta (2017)

animation, adventure, comedy

A little mermaid decides to help a teen rock band on their way to glory

52nd Japanese Film Festival

The festival of Japanese cinema is a great annual tradition event, showing the brightest new film products. The festival aims to present the national cinema in all its genre, stylistic and ideological diversity, this is a 3D, stereoscopic panorama, in which there are no twin works. Nevertheless, the most diverse films from Japan are united by calligraphic sophistication of the image, poetic lightness, free treatment of genres, attention to everyday life and sincere, humanism coming from the heart.

The elegy Mori no iru basho (Mori, The Artist’s Habitat) is side by side with the black comedy Hitsuji no Ki (The Scythian Lamb), the historical action Donten ni warau (Cloudy Laugh) –  with the cutest animated feature about the schoolchild and the mermaid Yoake tsugeru Rû no uta (Lu Over The Wall).

The family theme is presented in the sparkling comedy Sabaibaru famirî (Survival Family), about a global power cut in Tokyo.

It is impossible to imagine Japanese cinema without the film version of the manga: at the festival this genre is brilliantly demonstrated by Inuyashiki, a fantasy about an old man who has become a cyborg with paranormal abilities.