Muere, Monstruo, Muere (2018)

drama, thriller, horror

Schächer / Seeds


Domestik (2018)

drama, thriller


Morto Não Fala (2018)

horror, thriller, mystery

(The Night Shifter)

Z / The Lodge


Crawl (2019)

horror, thriller

Film Art Magazine. №5/6 (2019)

CoolConnections' advice: the most frightful horrors and the most powerful cinema debuts of 2019 in the new issue Film Art Magazine (Iskusstvo kino)

Wild Nights

CoolConnections and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and its summer screen present the first festival of horrors,  the sharpest, the most controversial and provocative of all film genres.

Horror film is multi-dimensional: it may be pure entertainment, or advanced experiment. It can be easy mixed with other genres, from comedy and detective to science fiction and social or psychological drama.

Within the program of the Wild Nights Film Festival you'll see pictures from all around the world and  you'll enjoy their new, extraordinary and brilliant cinematic language.

Today we present the most exotic part of the festival: films from Brazil, Argentina, France, USA, Switzerland and Tunisia.