Drakulics Elvtárs (2019)

comedy, fantasy, mystery

CIFRA. 7th Hungarian Film Festival

In association with the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary – Hungarian cultural center in Moscow.

New Hungarian cinema returns to the big screen for the 7th time!
The new issue contains fantasies and kaleidoscope of the characters of a vibrant city.

On the very first day of the festival, we propose to make a trip to the 1970s and meet with Drakulics elvtárs (Comrade Drakulics).

Historical adventures will continue in the film about the post-war novel Apró mesék (Tall Tales). The Director Attila Szász is considered the local Quentin Tarantino in his homeland.

The theme of World War II appears in another film of the festival program: Akik maradtak (Those Who Remained). Entry for Academy Awards (Oscars) from Hungary for Best International Feature Film  tells the love story of a young girl and a mature man who survived the Holocaust.

The musical drama Szép csendben (On The Quiet) tells about modern love and its doubts.

Finally, CIFRA 7 will present Szabolcs Hajdu's new film Békeidő (Treasure City). Once again, the director himself could not resist playing one of the roles in his film.

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All films are shown in the original language with Russian subtitles.