Akik maradtak

Year: 2019
Country: Hungary
Director: Barnabás Tóth
Cast: Hajduk Károly, Szőke Abigél, Nagy Mari, Simkó Katalin, Lukács Andor
Genre: drama
Runtime: 83 min.
Age: 16+
A lyrical story of the healing power of love in the midst of national conflict, loss and trauma, Those Who Remained reveals the healing process of Holocaust survivors through the eyes of a young girl in post-World War II Hungary.

Based on Zsuzsa F. Várkonyi's novel "Für wen du lebst: Ein Mädchenroman aus Männerzeiten" (2004).

Awards & Festivals:

Entry for Academy Awards (Oscars) from Hungary for Best International Feature Film
Palm Springs International Film Festival – participation 
Hungarian Film Week – Grand Prize (Best Feature Film), Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor
Hungarian Film Critics Award – Best Screenplay,  Best Actor, Best Actress
Sofia International Film Festival – Best Film
Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival – The Schoumann Award (Honorary Mention)
Anchorage International Film Festival – Best Feature (Narrative Feature Film)