KARO 11 Oktyabr

Alexander Pavlov
Film critic, culture reseacher, philosopher

Attila Vrabecz
Chef cook at the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Moscow

Attila Ledényi
Founding Director of the Art Market Budapest

Pavel Shvedov
Film critic, Journalist, Animation Program Coordinator at CoolConnections

Hermina Roczkov
Film Producer, Head of the Darwin Buffet Studio

Curtiz (2018)

biography, drama, history

CIFRA. 5th Hungarian Film Festival

In association with the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Moscow.

Five premieres of a new Hungarian cinema festival - five totally different films.
First, a sensational adventure animated feature Ruben Brandt, Collector
A new film by Pál Sándor: a gambling, crafty and erotic historical journey through the 19th-century Austro-Hungary in the company of Vagarious Artists (Vándorszínészek).
Curtiz, a non-standard biography of Michael Curtiz, the director of the legendary Casablanca: a frank portrait of a controversial person. 
Another biography, The Whisky Robber (A Viszkis), an action movie dedicated to the gangster, who succeeded in heisting 26 banks without victims: a true story, like a fairy tale! 
Finally, Gastronomy of love (Egy szerelem gasztronómiája), a carefree musical romcom.