Аттила Ледени

Attila Ledényi

Founding Director of the Art Market Budapest

Attila Ledényi is the founder and director of Art Market Budapest, Central and Eastern Europe’s leading international contemporary art fair and the largest contemporary art exhibition in Hungary. Ledényi’s work with the establishment of Art Market Budapest was recognized with the Pro Turismo award in 2011. 

Art Market Budapest concentrates on new and inspiring elements of the international art scene including emerging regions in and beyond Europe and a progressive new generation of artists of the already established markets. The event has successfully boasted exhibitors from nearly 40 countries and an annually growing audience of 30,000 visitors, indicating a strong demand in the art world for this artistic platform to bring freshness to the global art scene. 

Ledényi is also the founder and CEO of EDGE Communications, a pioneering and prominent art management agency with an expanding international portfolio. His various other positions have among others included Member of the Board of Visual Arts for the National Cultural Fund (2012-2013), Chairman of the Board for the Pro Cultura Urbis Foundation (since January 2016), Member of the Advisory Board of Debrecen 2023 European Capital of Culture (since January 2017), and others.