XX New British Film Festival

The Festival 20th anniversary issue is part of the The UK-Russia Year of Music program, which is held by the British Embassy in Moscow in association with the British Council.

This year the festival is also supported by TSUM, European largest fashion department store.
Britain means great culture and great contrasts. The Beatles and Sex Pistols, Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Hyde, stiffness and social protest, Peter Greenaway and Guy Ritchie – these are all wonderful creations of the country.
Britfest is the oldest Russian festival of contemporary British cinema, also full of contrasts. This year we present the long-awaited film continuation of the famous series “Downton Abbey”, solid and conservative.  "Bait" is an experiment, its deliberately grainy images remind of the film rebellion of the 1960s. “Fisherman’s Friends” and "Days of the Bagnold Summer" are perfect examples of the Britcom, delicate and witty comedies with good musical taste. “The Souvenir” is a free autobiography of the director, permanent participant of the Britfest, Joanna Hogg, her history of self-formation and traumatic love experience in the 1980s. Film “Schemers” follows the same period and tells about the dark side of the music industry. “Tucked” is a burlesque about an 80-year-old drag queen: age can’t stop the fun. “Animals” is a female comedy, with feminist ideas, but worth to be watched by men. Vice versa, “Swimming with Men” Is a great picture about male problems and surprise decisions. “The Keeper” (aka "Trautmann") is an emotional historical picture making confront two passions: love and sports. "Gwen"  appeals to folklore and due to it, the film is beautiful and scary at the same time! “Pink Wall” is an intimate drama, completely concentrated on the private life of two lovers. "Blinded by the Light" is a fest of love and music. One film in the program is not what  seems: the frivolous title "A Good Woman Is Hard To Find" promises comedy. However, this is a robust crime thriller.
Three films staying apart complete documentary section of the festival:  “Being Blacker”, “Cool Daddio: Second Youth of R. Stevie Moore” and “Soundtrack For A Revolution” - chronicles of different music genres and musicians’ lives, tightly connected with the great history of the 20th century.

This year, the educational programme will be traditionally held at the Moscow Film School. It will include public talk with the festival guests: Schemers’ producer Khaled Spiewak and lead actor Conor Berry. The Moscow Film School will also host four film screenings with follow-up discussions. The festival will present a selection of short films nominated for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), as well as full-length documentaries about music. The screenings and subsequent discussions will be moderated by Russian film critics and teachers from the Moscow Film School.

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All films are shown in the original language with Russian subtitles.