The Camargue, a fragile raft

Year: 2018
Country: France
Director: Thierry Gentet
Genre: documentary
Runtime: 55 min.
Age: 0+

End of the World? Unique doc filming of irreversible climate change in Southern France

Will the inhabitants of the Camargue be the first European climate refugees ? To learn more, we place our camera between the Petit Rhône and the sea, between dunes and pine forests, mudflats and lagoons, at the manade Raynaud, emblematic of the Saintes-Maries-de-La-Mer city, which looks like the end of the world and where we already see climate changes.

Awards & Festivals:

Sélections : 
Festival de la Camargue 2019
Festival FREDD 2019 (1er prix du Ministère de la Culture)
Festival Sciences Réunion 2019. 
Festival Ciné Eco Seia Portugal 2019. 
Grand Prix au Festival International des Pertuis et Îles du Monde Rochefort 2019.
Festival Visages Images de Méditerranée, Banyuls 2019, prix spécial du jury.