Year: 2017
Country: USA
Director: David Gordon Green
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Miranda Richardson, Clancy Brown
Genre: drama, biography
Runtime: 116 min.
Age: 16+

Runner Erin Hurley was still a mile away from the finish line when the bombs went off. Her boyfriend, Jeff Bauman, however, was right there. He is rushed into surgery, but his legs must be amputated. The bombing's immediate aftermath provides Jeff with an unexpected sense of purpose: he had seen one of the terrorists responsible for the blasts, and gives information to the FBI that proves instrumental in their investigation. Once that very public drama quiets down, Jeff's personal drama, a challenge as much for his morale as his body, is just beginning. With Erin by his side, Jeff will slowly recover, one arduous step at a time.