Northern Wind Can Be Warm

Year: 2019
Country: Russia
Director: Aleksei Golovkov
Genre: documentary
Runtime: 60 min.
Age: 12+

Philosophical parable from the very heart of the arctic taiga in Yakutia

National Competition Russian Flahertiana

The hermit, philosopher, and reindeer herder Alexander has lived alone for many years in the heart of the arctic taiga in Yakutia. Hundreds of kilometers of forest, mountains, and tundra are his home. His life is an endless struggle for survival. Instead of shops, there are mountains, instead of a refrigerator – a stream, instead of the Internet – a walkie-talkie.

For 20 years he hasn’t visited any town or city. One day he wants to go on a world tour: to see Tibet, Rome, Australia. But for now deers, nature, and a dream are all that he’s got.