Mare di grano

Year: 2018
Country: Italy, France
Director: Fabrizio Guarducci
Cast: Ornella Muti, Sebastiano Somma, Paolo Hendel, Francesco Ciampi, Alessandro Paci, Simona Borioni, Sergio Forconi, Donatella Pompadour, Ricardo Maria Chirica, Jessica Barlacchi, Elia Scolari, Giacomo Valenti, Gabriele De Pascali, Ivo Romagnoli
Genre: family
Runtime: 81 min.
Age: 12+
Adam is a boy of 8 who walks up hills and down dales in the Tuscan countryside untill he suddenly appears in a small town near Siena. There he meets Arianna and Martino, his companions in adventure who will travel with him to the sea, the place where Adam hopes to find his parents. With the help of Rimando, a poet who wanders from village inn to inn, whose heart is childlike and who strews emotions wherever he goes, the three will finally, FINALLY reach the sea.

Награды и фестивали:

Terra di Siena Film Festival – Critics Special Mention (Feature Film)