Heart Wood

Year: 2019
Country: Italy
Director: Stefano Petroni
Genre: documentary
Runtime: 60 min.
Age: 0+

A travel of an activist in ancient Latin American cultures, to discover how to save his region's olive trees from deadly disease

Agostino, a farmer’s son, visits ancient Latin American cultures to discover what he must do to save his region’s olive trees from a deadly disease, and in the process his life is changed forever.

Director Statement:
Heartwood tells the story of Agostino, a farmer's son who is on a mission to save his regions’ olive trees from a natural disaster. Xylella Fastidiosa is the most deadly pathogen known to mankind that has already infected and killed 20 millions of trees in Southern Italy with no sign of slowing down, having already reached France and Spain. The entire mediterranean olive production is at risk. When Agostino learns that science is still searching for a cure, he decides to follow the disease back to its roots in Latin America and visit indigenous communities who have not yet lost their ability to listen to nature’s call. From the savannas of Brazil, the highlands of the Mayan Peninsula and the deserts of Colombia, Agostino chronicles the efforts of indigenous people to save their traditions and persevere in the face of climate change, while searching for a cure. Little did he know that he himself would be infected with a mysterious and deadly disease, intertwining his own journey for a cure with that of the majestic trees that fed his ancestors for thousands of years. Will he be able to heal himself and find a way to save the trees?

5 PM, April 20 
Lecture “Who ate the boxwood?”
How did it happen that the relict box trees in Sochi almost completely disappeared in just a few years? What is the danger of the king crab? Why do you need to have time to see Moscow ash trees and elms? Why isn't everything that seems beautiful so good? At the lecture, we will discuss what invasive species are, why they are dangerous and how to avoid the negative consequences of it appearance.
Lecturer: Nikita Kadetov, Member of the Geographical Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Secretary of the Commission of Biogeography of the Russian Geographical Society


Awards & Festivals:

Green Fest - Belgrade – Best Film about Nature