The Best Film of The 13th German Film Festival


Formula Kino Horizont

20 December 2014

Мисс 60
Miss Sixty

Country: Germany
Year: 2014
Director: Sigrid Hoerner
Cast: Iris Berben, Edgar Selge, Carmen-Maja Antoni
Genre: comedy
Language: German
Translation: russian subtitles
Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
Возраст: +

It’s all downhill after 18.

The good news is that you can live until you’re 100. The bad news is that society doesn’t need you after 60. So what to do with the last third of your life? Louise and Frans both have a plan. Louise (60), a strong, independent molecular-biologist and daughter of Doris (77), decides to get pregnant and have a baby. Frans (60), a gallery-owner, life-long bachelor and father of Max (27), decides to re-start his career by discovering the next rising star in the contemporary art scene. While struggling to redefine themselves, correct past mistakes, make up for lost time and avoid total ridicule, Louise’s and Frans’ paths cross. Obsessed with Romy, his 27-year-old intern and regular sex-mate, the last thing Frans needs is to fall in love with a 60-year-old woman with frozen eggs and a sperm donor. But he does. Obsessed with turning back the biological clock and finally finding out what it feels like to hold her own baby in her arms, the last thing Louise needs is to fall in love with the father of her “anonymous” sperm donor. But she does.



Moscow: Formula Kino Horizont

20 December, Saturday

16:00 Miss Sixty