Formula Kino Horizont

17–28 September 2014

Embassy of the United States of America

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Wes Anderson: Retrospective Program

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Two Kinds of Roads: Short Film Program

“And your feet can only walk down two kinds of roads Your eyes can only look through two kinds of windows Your nose can only smell two kinds of hallways You can touch and twist And turn two kinds of doorknobs” (Excerpt from “Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie” by Bob Dylan) TWO KINDS OF ROADS introduces Russian audiences to a curated selection of short films from the 40th Seattle International Film Festival that reflect on themes of exploration and the unknown. The title is a line from Bob Dylan’s tribute poem to Woody Guthrie, recited by the courageous young subject of THE LION’S MOUTH OPENS before the decisive moment when she learns if she has a fatal, incurable disease. Films in this program consider our experiences at the brink of an uncertain future - from travelling to the moon to falling in love. A city on the furthermost edge of the United States, Seattle has retained an aura of the “wild west” throughout history. It is a city intrinsically linked to the undiscovered territory of the sea and perhaps it is this expansiveness that continues to provoke experimentation in the arts. The largest and most highly attended film festival in the country, SIFF is consistently cited as one of the best "audience festivals" in the world. Seattle's love for film (Seattleites see more movies per capita than any other city in the nation) makes the city the most appropriate setting for new films to be seen, tested, and celebrated by everyone - fan and filmmaker alike. SIFF 2014 marked the launch of Black Box, a program of films by contemporary artists presented in a unique partnership between SIFF, Aktionsart and the Seattle Art Museum. FACE IN THE CROWD screens in TWO KINDS OF ROADS and additional films from Black Box are available online: CURATOR Julia Fryett is a film curator and the founder of Aktionsart, a nonprofit laboratory based in Seattle that engages technology, design and contemporary culture to produce ambitious art projects. She has curated programs in collaboration with the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), Seattle Art Museum, Seattle International Film Festival and Tate Modern (London). Further information:


Moscow: Formula Kino Horizont

17 September, Wednesday

20:00 Magic in the Moonlight

18 September, Thursday

19:30 Kelly & Cal

19 September, Friday

19:30 Time Lapse
23:00 Preparty for Wes Anderson Retrospective at Dewar’s Powerhouse

20 September, Saturday

16:30 Whiplash
19:00 Before I Disappear
20:00 Ping Pong contest at P.P.C.M.D.V.O.R.

21 September, Sunday

18:00 Ping Pong Summer
19:30 Magic in the Moonlight
20:00 Big In Japan

22 September, Monday

19:30 The Drop

23 September, Tuesday

19:30 Night Moves

24 September, Wednesday

18:45 The Drop
21:00 Kelly & Cal

25 September, Thursday

19:00 Bottle Rocket
21:00 Arlo and Julie

26 September, Friday

19:00 Rushmore
21:00 Two Kinds of Roads: Short Film Program

27 September, Saturday

16:30 The Royal Tenenbaums
19:00 The Judge

28 September, Sunday

16:30 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
19:00 The Judge