Theatre HD Live in Cinema 2014-2015:
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The Theater HD Live 2014-2015 season has a lot to offer even the most discerning viewers. The drama part of the program consists of both hot new productions featuring world-renowned movie stars and familiar and beloved shows from previous seasons.

Some of the best talent British theater has to offer will be on evident display in a new production of Skylight directed by Stephen Daldry, a story about overwhelming attraction and social responsibilities featuring luminous Carey Mulligan and dashing Bill Nighy, as well as in new interpretations of works by literary greats like Euripides and Tennessee Williams prepared by British directors. New productions of classics Medea and A Streetcar Named Desire boast excellent female leads, as doomed heroines are portrayed by Helen McRory and Gillian Anderson.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater will also delight audiences of cinemas everywhere with two effervescent comedies, Love’s Labour’s Lost and A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as one timeless story about tragic first love known as Romeo and Juliet.

Those longing for a dose of good old high sea adventure will be undoubtedly impressed with a new production of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and fans of Danny Boyle’s take on the legend of Frankenstein will get another chance to watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller trade roles of an ambitious scientist and its desperate creation.