What The Film?!

From the dawn of time, CoolConnections – first in Moscow and then all over Russia – has been organizing grandiose fests for film fans. CoolConnections opens new names, heightens your interest in old ones. But once something extraordinary has happened. We showed The Room (2003), the worst film of all time, and at the last AmFest, he showed the movie again. Everyone who gathered in the cinema hall (and there were large number of spectators) laughed, clapped their hands, commented on what was happening and exulted, throwing plastic spoons to the screen. 
Well, it's time to move on. For the first time in the cultural history of Russia, we present the festival of "bad cinema" – “What the Film?!”. But in fact, these are the best films and watching them on a big screen is a dream for cinemaphiles.
There will be two programs. The first is “The Awesome 80s".  The opening film is Road House, with unsurpassed brilliant smiles and naked torso of Patrick Swayze. The newest Commando Ninja is an homage to all the best militants of the 1980s. The highlight of the program is Cobra. As a police squad in this film consists of one person (Sylvester Stallone), so this festival could include only one movie. This movie.
The second program is “The Newest Сult Films”. Here we’ll see the second (after The Room) worst movie of the present century: Birdemic: Shock and Terror, about how 2D birds start killing people. Harmless spoiler: you can fight with birds with hangers. Also in the program includes a cult hit Cool Cat Saves The Kids – one of the most controversial films in world art history. The main thing you should know about this movie: Cool Cat loves you. Try not to let the Cool Cat down, please. Because one-side love it sucks. And the final picture is Dangerous Men. This is a movie with a difficult fate: they started filming it in 1984, but it gained real fame only in 2015. The main thing we are to know: this film is considered the newest cult classic and one of the strangest phenomena.
All these films represent the motto of the festival: if men, then dangerous; if a cat, then cool; if Patrick, then Swayze. After watching each movie, you will definitely have a rhetorical question: WTF?! – What the Film?! But anyway, it would certainly be something to tell the grandkids.

Program Director of the Festival is Alexander Pavlov.