The Cathedral (2021)


An extensive family story in striking pictures

Maɬni: Towards the Ocean, Towards the Shore (2020)


A documentary journey accompanied by the music of the waves, the music of the wind, and the stories of Chinookan people

Residency (2023)

documentary, horror

A documentary about an artistic community that features shocking surprises

New Strains (2023)

comedy, romance, sci-fi

A radically intimate romcom set during a recent pandemic lockdown but with a retro, twentieth-century look


This year AMFEST is focusing on independent, experimental works and new names. Winnie Cheung, and the duet of Artemis Shaw and Prashanth Kamalakanthan have not previously featured on Russian screens and are here now thanks to the renewed AMFEST.Their films radically transform familiar genres: New Strains reinvents the romcom, and Residency turns the documentary chronicle inside out.
Other participants include Ricky D’Ambrose, author of the grandiose metamodernist film-novel The Cathedral, which received the silver medal at Sergei Solovyov’s Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival in Khanty-Mansiysk, and Sky Hopinka with Małni.