Year: 2020
Country: Armenia
Director: Rima Pipoyan
Genre: short
Runtime: 4 min.
Komitas’ adaptation of the Armenian folk labor song “Yel, yel” has always been one of my favorite musical pieces. You may not know its words or understand their meaning but it still makes you cry, feel empathy for everything that surrounds you and experience some unknown feelings... 

Even though this is just a folk labor song, the harmony of its acapella tells you of eternal issues, of the inner sentiments of each human being, the power of never giving-up. 

According to Maestro Robert Mlkeyan this song shows the Armenian peasant’s attitude towards his ox. The ox was really crucial for the Armenian peasant for it was the breadwinner of his family. In fact, it’s well-being was equal to the well-being of his child. And if someone’s ox was sick or died, it was a great tragedy. This song depicts that very moment. The peasant says, “Stand up, stand up, the day passed, it got dark.” 

Awards & Festivals:

X World Short Film Festival – Best Dance Director