Wie ich lernte, bei mir selbst Kind zu sein

Year: 2019
Country: Austria, Germany
Director: Rupert Henning
Cast: Valentin Hagg, Karl Markovics, André Wilms, Sabine Timoteo, Udo Samel
Genre: drama, adventure, family
Runtime: 140 min.
Age: 12+

How I Taught Myself To Be A Child

Paul Silberstein, younger son of an urbane but deeply strange old Austrian dynasty of confectionary millionaires, has been furnished by nature with a stunning imagination as well as this difficult legacy. In the Austria of the late 1950’s he discovers the power of love and humor.

His father, tyrant and cynic, performed by the brilliant Karl Markovics (Radegung – The Hidden Life (2019), Hotel “Grand Budapest” (2014), Die Fälscher – The Counterfeiters (2007), etc.) cannot get along with such a child and sends him to college.

However, there the young eccentric Paul manages to live in the world of his own fantasies. But soon he will have to learn about some of the details of his father’s biography and try to rethink his ambiguous personality ...