The mark of Emi

Year: 2020
Country: Japan
Director: Momoka Furukawahara
Genre: animation, short
Runtime: 4 min.
Age: 18+
The main character has a dream in which her friend Emi appears. In the dream, Emi is small and warm. She goes to school, and Emi is there. She has forgotten that today is a pool day, but Emi lends her a swimsuit. It is tight, and makes her feel cramped.
FURUKAWAHARA animates the whole film by hand with black and red pencils for an emphasis on softness. She hopes viewers enjoy the layout, which uses a lot of white space to express an airy feeling.

The story is based on FURUKAWAHARA’s memories of puberty. She hopes the film gives viewers that shy, awkward feeling of youth deep in their hearts.

Awards & Festivals:

Annecy International Animated Film Festival – participation