Si yo fuera el invierno mismo

Year: 2019
Country: Argentina
Director: Jazmín López
Cast: Rafael Federman, Laila Maltz, Martín Shanly, Clara Trucco, Gianluca Zonzini
Genre: drama
Runtime: 92 min.
Age: 18+
A mysterious and soulful exploration of the complexity of mourning and letting go of a love that is lost.

Four friends meet on a remote estate to create a cinematic re-enactment of three iconic works that embodied the social and artistic revolution of 50 years ago: La Chinoise (1967) by Jean-Luc Godard, Inextinguishable Fire (1969) by Harun Farocki and the performance Untitled (Facial Hair Transplants) (1972) by Ana Mendieta.

For the follow-up to her intriguing debut, Leones (2012), Jazmin López once again opts for a suggestive location, a living backdrop for dreams and phantoms. The estate in all its faded glory symbolises the privilege of these young artists who gather there to discuss the meaning of their activist examples. Carmen, the project's initiator, is overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts about her ex-lover, Valentin, whom she cant get off her mind.

In long takes, the mobile camera explores the rooms of the estate, where the boundary between acting and being seems to dissolve. López also uses the spatial dimensions of the location to condense time and link Carmen's subjective and objective realities. During the artistic process the friends undergo and between the lines of their cerebral conversations, this gives rise to a mysterious, deep exploration of the complex mourning of lost love.

Awards & Festivals:

IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival – participation
Rotterdam International Film Festival – participation