Að sjá hið ósýnilega

Seeing the Unseen

Year: 2019
Country: Iceland
Director: Kristján Kristjánsson, Bjarney Lúðvíksdóttir
Genre: documentary
Runtime: 82 min.
Age: 18+
Get ready to be acquainted with 17 brave Icelandic women on the autistic spectrum in the documentary “Seeing the Unseen” The film sheds light on the lives of women and girls on the autism spectrum. Girls are much less likely to be diagnosed with autism than boys, with many being left undiagnosed until adulthood.

Autistic girls are generally considered better at masking their autistic traits than boys, which makes them appear neurotypical and slip under the diagnostic radar. These girls often experience struggles in life, not knowing that they are autistic. They often feel different, and they seldom get the support and understanding they need. They constantly try to fit into a confusing world at school, at work and all too often experience painful social conflicts. This has a profoundly negative effect on their health and well-being, often causing both emotional and physical illnesses. Autistic females are often diagnosed with numerous physical and psychological ailments before autism is discovered.