Public talk: British Style. Cinema, Music, Fashion

Runtime: 60 min.
Age: 16+

Public talk with Katya Fedorova, Conor Berry and Khaled Spiewak in TSUM

On November 8, at 18.30, a public talk on the theme British style: Cinema, Music, Fashion will be held at the TSUM Department Store on the 3rd floor. The speakers are:
  • guests from the United Kingdom presenting the film Schemers, premiered at the XX New British Film Festival: actor Conor Berry and cameraman and editor Khaled Spiewak; 
  • Katya Fedorova (Good morning, Karl!);
  • Maria Kuvshinova (Russian journalist, film critic);
  • Boris Barabanov (music journalist, columnist for Kommersant newspaper, producer).

We will talk about the British Style phenomenon and its influence on popular culture, especially in Russia, where many talents were formed under the influence of cultural exports from Britain: from David Bowie and the Beatles to Alexander McQueen, from the cult film Trainspotting to modern British cinema. This is a mixture of non-standard stories, special humor, deep drama and easy narration. What British music does our generation listen to? What inspires our musicians and artists? What is the modern British style, and how do we interpret it? All this and much more will be discussed at the public talk.