Pokhorony chaya

Tea Funeral

Year: 2022
Country: Russia
Director: Aleksandra Gavrilenko
Cast: Vladimir Urm, Maria Matzel, Vadim Groshev, Charles-Edouard Lesieur-Nedoluzhko, Arnold Kasparov, Platon Kuzmich, Nikita Tyunin, Denis Matveychuk
Genre: short, drama
Runtime: 25 min.
Age: 12+
Blagoveshchensk. Four teenagers dream of getting out of the penal colony settlement. The leader of the gang, Igor, wants to take the guys to China, where his father lives, and start a new life there. The guys are running. A village boy, Lyosha, tags along with them...

Awards & Festivals:

KOROCHE - Russian festival of short films (Kaliningrad) – participation

Available online

Language: Russian; English subtitles