Paper Worlds of Latif Kazbekov

Year: 2019
Country: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia
Director: Sophia Leonidova
Genre: documentary, short
Runtime: 21 min.
Age: 12+

Film-guide to the world of the artist and the endless process of searching for inspiration

Film-portrait of the artist Latif Kazbekov. Meetings in the workshop, where the boundaries between the external world, accessible to the viewer, and the internal are blurred, where the painting as the result is just a pretext for the process. Paper reliefs, thoughtful painting, authentic paper casting and endless questions. An attempt to look at the nature of creativity and understand – how are the paper worlds born?

Awards & Festivals:

International Film Festival "Zilant" (Russia, 2019) – Best Student Film
International Open Youth Festival of Television Programs and Films "Telemania" (Russia, 2019) – 1st place in the nomination "Best Documentary"