P.S. Uti-uti-uti

Year: 2020
Country: Russia
Director: Sergey Solovyov
Cast: Stasya Venkova, Anastasia Teplinskaya, Sergey Solovyov
Genre: short
Runtime: 15 min.
Age: 18+

The last film by Sergey Solovyov. The most gentle anecdote in the world

Ducky-ducky-ducky. Two beautiful girls, a lake, trees, and an elderly gentleman casually fishing. What happens if the girls go mermaid? Sergei Solovyov himself plays the man too old to care for the strange ideas of some gorgeous nymphs. A cinematic bagatelle by a director whose art and heart was always with the young.

Screenplay: Stacy Venkova
Cinematography: Timofey Lobov
Music: Anna Drubich
Producers: Anton Treushnikov, Tikhon Pendyurin, Timofey Lobov, Boris Nelepo

Production Companies: Theatre Studio SAS

Awards & Festivals:

International Film Festival Rotterdam – World Premiere
International Festival "Spirit of Fire" – participation

Available online

Language: Russian; English subtitles