Michel Gondry: Do it Yourself!

Year: 2023
Country: France
Director: François Nemeta
Genre: documentary
Runtime: 80 min.
Age: 18+
If Méliès had a son, it would be Michel Gondry. A brilliant jack-of-all-trades whose eccentric talent convinced the creative elite of international pop music to entrust him with his music videos (Björk, the Rolling Stones, Daft Punk, The White Stripes, Beck, etc.) before allowing him to chart his own course in Hollywood-without ever renouncing his rather crazy style-and to become one of the rare Oscar-winning French filmmakers (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). From hand to eye, Michel Gondry has been offering us for thirty years to seize what surrounds us to create and tell the world. A work that is a constant praise of wonder through craftsmanship: whether we approach his relationship to music and his beginnings as a videographer; the notion of magic inherent in his conception of the image; its roots in childhood and the world of dreams; the paradox of his Hollywood career; and the humanist ambition of its craftsmanship... which is also a political act. Do it yourself.

Awards & Festivals:

Venice Film Festival - Nominee Venezia Classici Award (Best Documentary on Cinema)
Sofia International Film Festival - participation