La Fille de neige

Year: 2017
Country: France
Conductor: Mikhail Tatarnikov
Director: Dmitri Tcherniakov
Set and costume designer: Dmitri Tcherniakov
Lighting Designer: Gleb Filshtinsky
Cast: Aida Garifullina, Yuriy Mynenko, Martina Serafin, Thomas Johannes Mayer, Maxim Paster
Genre: opera
Runtime: 220 min.
Age: 12+
Snegurochka was born in times of old in Tsar Berendey’s mythical kingdom, the fruit of the union between Spring the Beauty and Grandfather Frost. Protected by her parents from the jealousy of the Sun god Yarilo who has vowed to warm her heart when she gets older and falls in love, Snegurochka the snow maiden is entrusted to the wood sprite… Particularly attached to the opera which he himself considered to be a work of maturity, Rimsky‑Korsakov would write ten years after its creation that: “anyone who fails to love The Snow Maiden understands nothing of my works nor of myself”.