How to kill a cloud

Year: 2021
Country: Finland, Denmark
Director: Tuija Halttunen
Genre: documentary
Runtime: 77 min.
Age: 12+

Her challenge is to make it rain in the desert. Her ambitions cost a lot. "This is a story about a woman and the ethical side of science"

Scientist Hannele Korhonen has one ultimate passion: to be the best at what she does and be recognised for it. Her life changes dramatically when she is awarded a 1,5 million USD research grant by the United Arab Emirates to participate in their ambitious project to stimulate rainfall over the notoriously arid region. The opportunity to get proper funding and do good sounds amazing. But, gradually Hannele learns that the financiers have their own agenda. Her enthusiasm morphs into an ethical dilemma and inner conflicts. If she succeeds to make it rain is she giving means to rule the clouds? What is the ultimate price of ambition?