Harpiks (Resin)

Year: 2019
Country: Denmark
Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman
Cast: Vivelil Søgaard Holm, Peter Plaugborg, Sofie Gråbøl, Ghita Nørby
Genre: drama, thriller
Runtime: 92 min.
Age: 16+
The dangerous paranoia lurking beneath the seemingly idyllic existence of a family of hermits living on a remote island begins to come to the fore when their daughter starts to question her parents' worldview.

Liv, 13, lives deep in the forest with her simple father Jens and her obese, bedridden mother Maria. Sheltered from the outside world they survive on what they can find in nature. Here, even the smallest things have a soul, and the greatest meaning can be found in the journey of an ant into the sap of tree roots. What Liv doesn’t know is that her parents have a dark secret: they have made the outside world believe that she is dead in an attempt to escape society’s norms and demands. Liv’s curiosity however propels her to venture into the world and suddenly, their silent life is threatened by increasing interference from the outside.

Awards & Festivals:

Toronto International Film Festival – participation 
CPH PIX – participation 
Bodil Award – Henning Bahs Award (Henning Bahs-prisen) Best Production Design
Danish Film Award (Robert) – Best Production Design, Best Make-Up
Göteborg International Film Festival – participation 
Thessaloniki International Film Festival – participation 
Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage – participation