Genius Party Beyond

Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Director: Mahiro Maeda, Kazuto Nakazawa, Shin'ya Ôhira, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, Kôji Morimoto
Genre: animation
Runtime: 85 min.
Age: 18+

An anthology of short animated films from STUDIO4°C

There will be a prize drawing from the STUDIO4°C.

GALA (2008)
Director MAEDA Mahiro
Cast TAKANO Urara, EDOYA Koneko
A giant object suddenly appears in a land inhabited by gods. Those who respond to the drumming of the life hidden within the object hold a fabulous celebration to help it awaken. Director Maeda Mahiro presents an adventure fantasy through the eyes  of boy Koni, telling a mythical story that proclaims the joy of celebrations. 

Director NAKAZAWA Kazuto
Cast FURUTA Arata, TAKADA Shoko
In a city on the surface of the moon, people who have gotten hold of a map showing the location of a legendary treasure go on an adventure. Nakazawa Kazuto did the animation section of Kill Bill.  

"Wanwa" the Doggy (2008)
Director OHIRA Shinya
Cast SUZUKI Akiko, ICHIJYO Kazuya
A boy plays innocently next to his mother, who is being hospitalized. Suddenly, a terrifying demon appears and takes the boy away from his mother. He comes to in a mysterious, unfamiliar world. A dog called Wanwa leads the boy deeper and deeper into a candy shop. There, yet another demon appears! The boy feels gratitude towards his mother...

Tojin Kit (2008)
Director TANAKA Tatsuyuki
Cast SANO Shiro, MIZUHARA Kaoru
A housing complex that looks like it’s been swallowed by a giant factory. A young woman lives in one of the rooms. She uses a bizarre machine to insert mysterious creatures known as a “Tochu” into stuffed animals to give them life...

Dimension Bomb (2008)
Director MORIMOTO Koji
Cast KANNO Yoko, KOBAYASHI Kensaku
Shin is a boy wearing pupa shell, and one day he meets a girl named Ku. Shin is transformed as he spends time with this unique, freewheeling girl. These are beloved, precious memories. Various word fragments come back to him, including the words that sliced his through the heart: "I don't like you anymore."

Awards & Festivals:

Fantasia Film Festival - Most Innovative Film
Nippon Connection Festival - participation
Sitges International Film Festival - participation