Genius Party

Year: 2007
Country: Japan
Director: Atsuko Fukushima, Shōji Kawamori, Shinji Kimura, Yoji Fukuyama, Hideki Futamura, Masaaki Yuasa, Shinichirō Watanabe
Genre: animation
Runtime: 102 min.
Age: 18+

An anthology of short animated films from STUDIO4°C

There will be a prize drawing from the STUDIO4°C.

Director FUKUSHIMA Atsuko
A world of visuals triggers bodily sensations, inspired by "the moment when images are born." A barren landscape, a birdman running endlessly, swaying flowers of inspiration. 

Director KAWAMORI Shoji
Cast Miki Yamamoto, Lu Ningjuan,
In Shanghai's old downtown in the late-20th century, Chinkuro is a runny-nosed preschool kid who loves to draw. One day, there is a sudden flash and a crater appears at Chinkuro's preschool. 

DEATHTIC 4 (2007)
Director KIMURA Shinji
Cast YABE Taro, YAMAGUCHI Tomomitsu
There's an alternative underground world that doesn't permit the presence of life. A frog appears and gets randomly picked up by the protagonist Lot, and the result is a fun ruckus. 

Doorbell (2007)
Director FUKUYAMA Yoji
Cast TOCHIHARA Rakuto, OGURA Hisahiro, IWAI Nanase
One day, high schooler Yu is heading home via his usual route. He opens the door to his apartment and tries to go in, but his mother and sister react oddly. 

Director FUTAMURA Hideki
Cast MIKAMI Hiroshi
A virtual reality space rises up in the darkness, a data world city is constructed in layers, a lone man faces his computer looking like he's been possessed by something. He finishes his work and heads out into the city...

Happy machine (2007)
Director YUASA Masaaki
It turns out that the baby's warm home and mother were machines dressed up as wind-up dolls. The baby gets thrown out into a savage, abandoned landscape. He gets on a four-legged bike and goes on a journey...

BABY BLUE (2007)
Director WATANABE Shinichiro
It's early summer at a high school in Fussa City in Tokyo. High school junior Sho invites sophomore Hatsuki to cut class and go somewhere together. They were friends as kids but have both changed over the years and don't talk much anymore. They buy fireworks and head for Enoshima Island. It's a little one-day adventure. 

Awards & Festivals:

Fantasia Film Festival – participation
Nippon Collection Festival – participation