Do you want to see DJ SNAKE – Paris 2020 Live Show in your city?
Instructions are here

Cinema Park DELUXE Piter – Raduga

Kosmonavtov Ave, 14, Piter – Raduga SEC

coming soon

Cinema Park Grand Canyon

Engelsa Ave, 154, Grand Canyon Mall

coming soon

Formula Kino Akadem Park

Grazhdansky Ave, 41,Akadem Park SEC

coming soon

Formula Kino City Mall

Kolomyazhskiy Ave, 17 A, City Mall

coming soon

Formula Kino Galleria

Ligovskiy Ave, 30A, Galereya SEC

coming soon

Formula Kino Neo

Bolshoy Prospect V.O., 68, Baltiysky SEC

coming soon

Formula Kino Zanevsky Cascade

Zanevskiy Ave, 67/2, Zanevskiy Kaskad SEC

coming soon

Formula Kino Zhemchuzhina

Petergofskoe Hwy, 51, Zhemchuzhnaya Plaza SEC

coming soon

KARO 7 Ligov

Ligovskiy Prospekt, 153, Ligov SC

coming soon

KARO 9 Varshavskiy Express

Obvodniy Kanal Embankment, 118, Varshavskiy Express SEC

coming soon

Kinostar Dybenko

Murmanskoe Hwy, 12th km, MEGA Dybenko SC

coming soon

Mirage Cinema Atlantic City

Savushkina St, 126

coming soon

Mirage Cinema Balkaniya NOVA-2

Balkanskaya Sq, 5, Balkaniya NOVA-2 SC

coming soon

Mirage Cinema Evropolis

Polyustrovskiy Ave, 84a

coming soon

Mirage Cinema Montpensier

Planernaya St, 59

coming soon

Mori Cinema

Industrialniy Ave, 24A, Iyun SEC

coming soon


Efimova St, 2, Pik SEC

coming soon

He has conquered the world stage. He is in the top 5 most streamed dance artists globally. He has collaborated with the biggest world stars, including Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Selena Gomez and J. Balvin. 3 of his songs have over 1 billion streams on Spotify while his videos accumulate more than 20 billions views on YouTube.

DJ Snake put together a once in a lifetime performance at the Paris La Défense Arena, becoming the first DJ to play such a large venue.
More than 20 cameras shot this historical concert with a spectacular staging.

From Turn Down For What, Lean On, Magenta Riddim to Taki Taki, Loco Contigo and Let Me Love You, an unforgettable concert shot specially for the cinema.

Warning: The film contains sequences of flashing lights which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities.

English, French, Spanish, russian subtitles
Alexandre Buisson
2020, 116 min
concert film