Daniel fait face | 3

Runtime: 68 min.
Age: 16+

Даниэль лицом к лицу
Daniel fait face

Year: 2019
Country: France
Director: Marine Atlan
Cast: Théo Polgár, Tristan Bernard, Emmanuelle Cuau, Madeleine Follacci, Aurélien Gabrielli, Adam Bouchaali, Mila Brument, Charles Capelli, Rose Clause, Clément Daniel-Dufetrelle, Hadrien Fraignaud, André Galand, Liam Kojfer-Lomont, Marie Lassort, Michaelle Lhuillier-Sion, Louise Maillot, Chiara Nora-Dreyfus, Alma Polgàr
Genre: drama
Language: French
Runtime: 52 min.
Age: 16+
A school in France. The class is rehearsing a theatre performance: There are words and geometric shapes on the blackboard; Marthe recites a poem, notes are passed around the room, and Daniel's nose starts to bleed. Everyday events that appear as if in a dream, vague and unreal. Invisible lines dictate the way. Daniel, who is 10, suddenly finds himself alone with Marthe, who is standing in her underwear and doesn't notice him at first. The encounter is tender but disorienting, and takes place in a kind of vacuum. Meanwhile, something sinister is approaching from outside - something without a name and which the adults always warn them about. It wants to get through the windows and doors to the children.

Awards & Festivals:

Berlin International Film – Ours De Cristal - Special Mention: Generation Kplus Children's Jury
Stockholm International Film Frstival – Gand Prix
Brive Film Festivall – Prix du Jury Jeunes, Prix CINÉ+
Champs-Élysées Film Festival – Prix de la Critique
Olympia Film Festival – Best Film, Best Actor
Angers European First Film Festival – participation
Gijón International Film Festival – participation
Sarajevo Film Festival – participation
Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba International Film Festival – participation


Year: 2020
Country: Russia, USA
Director: Max Volovik
Cast: Evgeniya Kregzhde, Yana Gladkikh, Elena Nikolaeva
Genre: documentary, short
Language: Russian
Runtime: 16 min.
Age: 18+