Year: 2018
Country: Italy
Director: Alessandro Cassigoli, Casey Kauffman
Cast: Irma Testa, Lucio Zurlo, Emanuele Renzini, Ugo Testa, Simone Ascione, Anna Cirillo
Genre: documentary, sport, docufiction
Runtime: 79 min.
Age: 16+
This intimate documentary follows an exceptionally talented female boxer who wants to hit peak performance, but also longs for the life of an ordinary 18-year-old.

When Irma Testa became Italy's first female boxer to qualify for the Olympics, the media descended on her without relent. Her story was simply too good to be true: a pretty, 18 year-old girl from one of Naples' most violent, Camorra-controlled neighborhoods who beat the odds and made history. Irma was portrayed as flawless and determined...she hid behind the facade and left for the Olympics. Her 78 year-old coach Lucio feared the pressure was too much and will never forget when she burst into tears mid fight in Rio de Janeiro. Irma returned to Italy without a medal and confused sense of herself. Her media crafted image was a lie and now that the spotlight is gone, Lucio is encouraging her to reflect. She has big decisions ahead of her. Is boxing really for her? Can she handle the pressure? Irma finally has the anonymity to chart her own course but feels she must first face the conflicts in her family and personal life so she can come to terms with herself and move forward again.

Awards & Festivals:

IDFA (Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival) – participation 
Golden Globes, Italy – Best Documentary
International TRT Documentary Award – Best Film