Year: 2020
Country: Italy
Director: Paolo Martini, Pablo Benedetti
Cast: Roberto Caccavo, Larthia Galli Nannini, Desiree Giorgetti, Samuele Batistoni, Anna Tereshchenko, Carlo Lodovico Incont, Max Cutrera, Daniele Favilli, Valentina Testoni, Lorenzo Pucci, Fulvio Ferrati, Giuseppe Calandriello, Alessandro Novolissi, Pietro Pennacchi
Genre: psychological thriller, crime, drama, mystery
Runtime: 96 min.
Age: 18+

Psychological thriller about VR technologies in the service of the mafia

Andrej is a factory worker who has lost his job. He meets Anja, a soft porn actrees. When the woman is kidnapped, Andrej has to deal with an unknown and dangerous world to find her. He will have only one night to find the truth. 

Awards & Festivals:

Lucca Film Festival (Toscana, Italy) – premiere