183 days

Year: 2019
Country: Russia
Director: Denis Ryabukhov
Genre: documentary
Runtime: 47 min.
Age: 16+
The Russian gastronomic community is full of hope: our restaurants are in prestigious ratings, our chefs become international stars. Here is one such inspirational story. Andrei Matyukha, the chef and owner of the Ugli-Ugli and The Stove Krasnodar restaurants, represented our country in the semi-final of Bocuse d'Or, the competition often called the Olympic Games for chefs. The creator, Paul Bocuse, is considered the god in the world of gastronomy. 

183 days is the time while Andrei Matyukha was preparing for the competition, including building a full-size model of the competitive kitchen, creating and working out the menu, grinding the team, helping colleagues, daily stress. It is recommended for viewing to anyone who considers the life of a star chef is a fete of creativity, but very often this is a high voltage drama.