Irish Week:
Irish Film Festival


KARO 11 Oktyabr

16–27 March 2016

А еще ты урод
You’re Ugly Too

Country: Ireland
Year: 2015
Director: Mark Noonan
Cast: Aidan Gillen, Lauren Kinsella, George Pistereanu, Erika Sainte
Genre: drama
Language: English
Translation: russian subtitles
Time: 1 hour 29 minutes
Возраст: 16+

Will is released from prison on compassionate leave to care for his niece Stacey after the death of her mother. As they both head into the sleepy Irish midlands and attempt to be a family, they suffer a series of setbacks; Stacey is refused admission to the local school because of her recently developed narcolepsy; Will repeatedly comes close to breaking his prison-ordered curfew; and his attempts at being a father figure to her prove disastrous… As their future hangs in the balance they must search for a new way forward together.

Mark Noonan is presenting his debut feature film You’re Ugly Too:

«The two main characters are thrown together and forced to become a make-shift family. They aren’t always comfortable expressing themselves. They share this typically Irish trait of refusing to talk about their emotions, choosing instead to use humour and flippant put-downs as a means of expression. We sense the change in these two characters as we cut to black, even if perhaps they can’t admit it to themselves.»

Awards and festivals:

Athens International Film Festival
Best Screenplay – WON, Best Picture – Nominated

Berlin International Film Festival
Best First Feature Award – Nominated, Crystal Bear Best Film – Nominated

Edinburgh International Film Festival
Audience Award – Nominated, Best International Feature Film – Nominated


Moscow: KARO 11 Oktyabr

21 March, Monday

19:00 You’re Ugly Too

26 March, Saturday

17:20 You’re Ugly Too

27 March, Sunday

21:00 You’re Ugly Too