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Prmiere Cinema Centre

12–16 November 2014

The Embassy of Czech Republic in Russia
Czech Center in Moscow

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Белла миа
Bella mia

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2013
Director: Martin Duba
Cast: David Bonaventura, Anna Fialová, Petr Forman
Genre: drama
Language: Czech
Translation: russian subtitles
Time: 1 hour 33 minutes
Возраст: +

Due to suspicion of BSE (mad cow disease), a herd of cows from a small farmstead is sentenced to be killed. The animals revolt and try to escape. People try to hunt them down but the herd, led by Bella, manages to protect itself. Further failures of people increase their aggressiveness. The escalating battle has little in common with the original veterinary prevention. However, there are also people who try to help the cows, who desire nothing more than free life in the great outdoors, even if they are also forced to learn how to live and survive without anybody to feed them, milk them or fill them up with medicine. They learn all about hunger, cold, deprivation and pain. And the loss of loved ones...



Perm: Prmiere Cinema Centre

15 November, Saturday

16:00 Bella mia