6–9 June 2013

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Долина проклятых
Valley of the Dammed

Country: Canada
Year: 2012
Directors: Alex Mifflin, Tyler Mifflin
Genre: documentary
Language: English
Time: 28 minutes
Возраст: +

The Mekong is the most productive river system on Earth and home to the world’s largest freshwater inland fishery. Will eleven planned mega dams spell an end to the main food source for over 70 million people? The Water Brothers travel down the Mekong to investigate why the river’s fish and productive waters are so vulnerable to dam development. They also explore the dependent relationship that exists between land  & water, fish & people in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand& Vietnam - especially for those who live in the hundreds of floating villages spread around the largest lake in South-East Asia, the Tonle Sap. 


Moscow: 35mm

8 June, Saturday

20:30 The Water Brothers: Short Film Programm