Такао Цутимото

Takao Tsuchimoto

Film Producer

Born in 1964, Tokyo. At the beginning of his career, he worked on producing theater performances, but in 1994 he was involved in the production of the film Deep River (Fukai kawa, 1995) directed by Kei Kumai. After this, Tsuchimoto committs himself to cinema and begins to work on film and TV programs production. Since 2003, he is a producer at Altamira Pictures.

His main works as a producer are: Robo-G (Robo Ji, 2012), A Terminal Trust (Tsui no Shintaku, 2012), Maiko wa Lady (2014), Happy Wedding (2016), Okāsan no Ki (2015), Family on Survival (2016), Dance with me (2019), Katsuben! (2019, premiered at Tokyo International Film Festival) and others.