Стас Намин

Stas Namin

Musician, composer, producer, theater and film director

Stas Namin is a musician and composer, a producer, an artist and photographer; one of the founders of Russian rock music and show business. He directs and produces theatre and cinema, and is involved with and behind numerous social and innovative projects.

In 1987, Namin founded the country’s first private production company — the Stas Namin Centre (SNC) with location in the Green Theatre of Gorky Park. The Centre was responsible for launching such national stars as: Garik Sukachev and Brigada C, Dmitry Revyakin and Kalinov Most, Sergey Mazaev and Moral Code, Alexander Vasilyev and Splin and others. Here, in 1987, Namin created the Gorky Park band and in the late eighties made it popular around the world.

Namin organized the first rock ‘n’ pop festivals, including the Festival of Pop Music in Armenia (1981), rock-festival Musicians for Peace (1988), Moscow Peace Festival at the Luzhniki stadium (1989) with international headliners; One World Festival (1990, 1995 and 1997), and  Rock from the Kremlin (1992)