Рик Эдвардс

Rick Edwards

American actor, model

Former athlete and top male model Rick Edwards made his notable beginning on cinema in the Italian middle age saga _Paladini - storia d'armi e d'amori, I" (1983), playing the role of Orlando, a Christian knight, who travels the countryside at the time of Crusades in quest to kill a Moor prince, played by Ron Moss. Born in Northfield, Massachusetts, Rick Edwards educated University in Amherst, where he is noticed in the oar team. He becomes a professional and rows four years with the New York Athletic Club, even taking part in the world championships of 1978. That allows him to be noticed by an agent who makes him begin a career of model. Regularly on the cover of Gentleman Quarterly, an equivalent of Vogue, he makes also advertizing. Favorite model of the manufacturer Ford, he finds time to practise boxing, but it is a disadvised profession for a mannequin, and he stops after two years, full of regrets. Tired of being a male model he went on to appeared in supporting roles in small films, wishing to become an actor. He took a part in Skatetown, U.S.A. (1979) and TV serial High Performance (1983). Later this year he was chosen for "I Paladini - storia d'armi e d'amori, where he received his first main acting experience. Later he appeared in two TV shows. In 1987 Rick Edwards joined the TV serial Santa Barbara (1984), playing the role of Jake Morton.